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As innovators, designers require innovative tools and techniques. Our sophisticated 3D models and invaluable plugins allow designers to specify products for residential, commercial, and institutional projects. In one fell swoop, we free designers from boundaries that stifle creativity and prominently place your products at the most critical stage of the virtual supply chain.


SketchUp models are interactive, shareable marketing assets that live in the online places that designers scour for information. Our system generates brand recognition, brand loyalty, product specifications and product recommendations.

Refuting the status quo, our clients understand that they aren’t selling a building product to a customer, but rather collaborating with a design professional. We offer strategic marketing that leverages Google SketchUp to inspire and influence designers. Such inspiration and influence drive product specifications and sales for manufacturers while establishing a long-term channel of communication with designers.

Case Study


the Kraftmaid Cabinetry story

Kraftmaid wanted to reach a wider audience of designers online. We created 3D SketchUp models representing dozens of products from their cabinet catalog and then served those up to designers via the Google 3D Warehouse. Over 700,000 Kraftmaid cabinets have been downloaded from the 3D Warehouse in just the first 6 months! Learn more.